David Youds

I was born in 1982 in Blackburn, Lancashire in the north west of England. I live in a town called Great Harwood, close to the Ribble Valley. I share my house with my wife Lisa and our five daughters. I guess growing up in the north of England I could not help but be influenced by the subjects explored by LS Lowry and the more recent work of Liam Spencer. There is a good network of artists in the area, which provides a rich and exciting time for artists like myself to be working in. My favourite Art movement is impressionism. I like paintings that are done fast and intuitively,  I find they result in a more exciting and interesting painting.

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After spending most of my Art education using acrylic paints it wasn’t until later that I changed to oil. I like to use it for a few reasons,  Its consistency and strength of pigment are superior to anything else I have used. It is forgiving, mistakes can be scraped back and altered, areas can be reworked, it is slow drying, and moves effortlessly around the surface of a board.

 I like to use a combination of both professional Artist quality and Artist/Student quality paints from various brands. Michael Harding, W&N, Jackson’s and Daler Rawney all make up my collection of colours. I use far too many colours on my pallet, but this is mostly for time saving purposes. Although, it is important to learn the basics in colour mixing! As an Artist you are not always credited for your colour mixing skills, you are judged on the finished painting. My pallet is divided into Earthy and Chromatic colours. It is important to have some sort of system! It helps you to become familiar with your layout and hopefully allows you to mix colours faster. 

I cut my own 4-6mm thick MDF boards. I buy large sheets and prepare them in bulk to various sizes/shapes. This is time consuming but allows you to prep a board to how you like it and is also good for saving a bit of money. I find working on board suits my style of painting more, plus they are more practical for transporting in comparison to a more bulkier canvas. I use an oil based primer, and give the boards two generous coats of paint, applied with a brush. Sometimes I tint the primer with a bit of grey to give a darker ground to work on. 

I mainly use Filbert shape brushes for the bulk of the painting and have some smaller round brushes to do the drawing and the details. I like to use a synthetic brush as I find hog hair can be destructive on a oil primed surface.  I recommend using  the Eclipse series by Rosemary and co as it holds its shape well and the bristles are softer when applying paint to the surface of the board. 

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2019          Create Longridge, Longridge Art Gallery, Preston. 

2019          The Royal Society of British Artists, London. 

2018          The Royal Institute of oil painters, London. 

2018         The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh. 

2018         The Royal society of British Artists, London.

2015          Harris Museum Open, Preston.

2012          Blackburn Art Society Open, Blackburn. 


I studied Graphic Design at Blackburn College 1998-2000, followed by a degree in Fine Art at the University of Central Lancashire UCLAN 2001-2005.  I also went on to complete a post graduate Certificate in Education 2007. In 2013 I studied at the Norman Long school of painting.